Z60 - Where’s the strategizing?!

Across Canada, municipalities are hiring consultants with tremendous expertise to develop strategic plans to develop their economy and enhance their competitiveness in the global economy. The good news is that there are a lot of great consultants, doing great work. The bad news is that there is not enough strategizing being done. A close review at many of these strategies will show that the solutions recommended are almost identical to one another - conduct a Business Retention and Attraction program, and Attract Investment. Lately, foster Entrepreneurship and Innovation has been added to the list. Yes, lets do all of these things. But what is your STRATEGY? Just imagine you are playing chess, and your strategy is a pre-determined list of moves. The game won’t last long until you realize that a to do list is not going to cut it - you need a strategic lens through which to view that which you control, and that which you don’t control. A great strategy is bold and puts the emphasis on one key point of focus. In doing so, it provides a strategic lens through which to view potential tactics while responding strategically to new information and conditions. A strategic lens also helps to your community to establish a strategic narrative that allows people to better understand, appreciate and mobilize on opportunities to leverage local assets.

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