Factor 5 is a social enterprise co-creating strong communities through excellence in economic development. We deliver customized services that give you the firepower to shape the future for your community. Together, we will create community-led solutions that build economic strength, social wellness, environmental sustainability, cultural vitality and leadership capacity.  We will go above and beyond to achieve excellence by building community capacity and providing complementary aftercare to help you adapt to ever changing challenges and opportunities.

Factor 5 co-creates strong communities through a full-suite of economic development services.  We have extensive experience building strategies, leading projects, managing programs, launching campaigns, and spearheading initiatives.  We work with municipalities, regional partnerships, First Nations, chambers of commerce, businesses, colleges and universities to bring their ideas for a better future to life. 




Alberta: 587-578-8496

British Columbia: 

Ontario: 613-805-8496

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