Workforce Development

The purpose of this assessment was to identify opportunities to develop economic diversification through workforce development in the Calgary region, ultimately resulting in sustainable rural and small urban communities.



The key to this report was the collection of primary data through a series of surveys, targeted interviews and facilitation sessions. 

This report benefits Bow Valley College, communities, residents and businesses through the development of a roadmap to strengthening local economies through the retention of a skilled workforce.

Opportunity Assessment: Economic Diversification through Workforce Development

Featured Client: Rocky View County

The purpose of the study was to provide current labour market information on Langdon, Alberta  for future planning and potential investment attraction.  The Information collected includes: 

1. The estimated 2016 population for the Hamlet of Langdon

2. Estimation of the available labour force in the identified sub-region

3. Unique skill set of the regional population 

4. Regional Labour force demographics 

The purpose of this household survey was to  gather statistical data relating to the local labour force required to identify unique economic development opportunities, and develop clear, shareable infographic of our findings.

Labour Market Survey
Labour Market Report: Ready for Business

Featured Client: Bow Valley College