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Featured Project: Grow Eat Together (GET)

Grow Eat Together (GET)

Grow Eat together is a community initiative designed to address food security issues in Drayton

Valley. GET supports the development of a local food industry, entrepreneurial opportunities in

food, sustainable environmental development and open space utilization. GET empowers and

encourages Drayton Valley to be resiliant through education and mentorship.

A central Alberta partnership has set out to to explore the development of a resident led, mixed income tiny house village. The village would have features that might include a garden and/or greenhouse, 15-20 units built with local sustainable products, And an indoor/outdoor communal space for laundry, socializing, education and working. 

The feasibility study was on PHASE 1.


The study included: 

(1) A deep analysis of current data and information including the Housing Needs and Demand Assessment

(2) Rigorous analysis of the market for tiny house development or something similar

(3) A deep understanding of current successful models worldwide, potential ownership models, and unique local opportunities through an Opportunity Assessment

(4) A comprehensive review of potential sites within the town; full service options and costs, zoning, planning approval requirements, development restrictions such as heritage designations, Environmental studies that have been conducted on the potential sites, site appraisals, preliminary design concept based specifically on zoning and codes.

(5) Potential funding options, investors and partners

PHASE 1 ends with 1) the building of a Tiny House Show home for display in order to develop buy in, showcase local talent, and provide a space where the public can learn, become inspired and engage in the design process. and 2) a business plan 

Featured Project: Tiny House Community Feasibility Study